Online Orders Now
Online ordering and mobile applications for restaurants.
"Xleet, Inc. built our powerful online ordering solution and then ported it to iPhone and Android. Thanks to Xleet, Inc. we were the first with integrated ordering directly to the POS."
Brett Kappes - President
[email protected]
Liberty One Capital

A national mortgage refinancing and debt consolidation company.

"We tried pre-packaged software but nothing fit. For the same price, Xleet, Inc. was able to develop custom software that exactly meets our needs."
Brian Fletcher - CEO
[email protected]
GLE Associates
An integrated full-service facilities consulting and construction firm.

"We double checked with Xleet, Inc. because their bid was so much lower than the closest competitor. They assured us that the price was correct and they delivered as promised."

Doug Roberts - IT Manager
[email protected]
Axletree Media
Provides online training for professionals. Customers include Hospitals, Utilities and other service industries where ongoing training is critical.
"Other companies told us six to eighteen months, Xleet, Inc. said two weeks and they delivered. A key competitive factor is that we are able to constantly improve our software without interrupting service to our clients."
Sue Pari - President
[email protected]
Our customers love us. Once we begin a project with a company we become an integral part of their success. We encourage you to contact them so that you can hear first hand what a difference Xleet, Inc. can make.
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