Whether you need a complete Internet based order processing system or you just want to track internal projects, Xleet, Inc. can utilize the most popular and powerful programming languages including JQuery, JavaScript, NodeJS, XML, HTML and LotusScript to bring powerful web applications to your company in a fraction of the time and at a small percentage of the cost of traditional programming.
We are an American business located in the United States. We do not outsource our work to third world countries. Our customers depend on our services and systems for their critical business processes. To be there for them, we need to be here, in the United States.
Secure & Affordable
Full 128 bit encryption protects your data allowing only those you trust to access only the data you want them to access. For those in the medical services community, we develop HIPAA compliant solutions.
By developing applications in less than half the time traditional programming methods take, we lower the initial cost to build and accelerate the return on investment.
Our previous customers are eager to share their success stories with you. Please take a moment and contact them if you have any doubts that a Domino based solution from Xleet, Inc. is right for your company and your budget.
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